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Galavant Press, LLC was established in October 2006 by people who love immersion in a compelling, well-crafted story. Our mission is to publish only novel-length fiction with captivating plots, rich imagery and compelling characters who walk off the page and tell their story. We will strive to entertain our readers with thrillers, mysteries, dramas, comedies and other jaunts and frolics through the imaginations of authors with perception and voice.

Our first title, Wearing the Spider, combines topics currently in the news, identity theft and sexual harassment, artfully woven into the fabric of high-tech intrigue.

...A thirty-something female lawyer, pursuing partnership in her midtown Manhattan firm, becomes the scapegoat in a scheme orchestrated by a ruthless partner whose sexual advances she rebuffed. Her fateful decision not to report the incident haunts her, as she is psychologically tormented by the whirling events during the late summer months of the year 2005. An overheard conversation, electronic forgery, email impersonation, calculated sabotage of her client relationships and political gamesmanship send her on a clandestine investigation that leads her to conclude she is being positioned for career implosion and criminal culpability. But, the extent of the scheme is elusive and the clues are ever-changing, protected by a dynamic labyrinth of security.With a maelstrom of signs around her that she is being set up, she fights to clear her name and avoid becoming the focus of an independent investigation launched by the FBI, risking her life as well as her career.


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